Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Voice Changer Is Fun?!

Voice Changer changes your  tone and pitch, add distortion to your voice. It means to take your chatting pleasure to a new level, especially in communication world via VoIP applications.
- Call your lover imitating his/her favorite actors' voices.
Speak Like Famous People, Jack Sparrow

- Disguise your voice while calling your boss?! - LOL
Make your voice sound like animals
 - Freak your enemy out with the sound of demon, alien or vampire - Awesome!!!

Revenge your enemy with your voice sounding like aliens, ghosts, demon
- Prepare lovely audio lessons or stories for your kids with their famous cartoon characters' voices.

These funny ideas will be more amazing with supporting sound effects  such as movie sounds, scary calls, animal or toy sounds, ect. Let's see how long they can recognize your voice and you all definitely have a surprising amount of fun together.

Voice Changer is great way to express your true self, showcase your creative talent to your friends and family.


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